Lider Product Plus - Our Advantages

  • The Strict Halal

    All our products comply with all Halal rules. We strictly monitor the compliance of our products with all Sharia norms.

  • A wide range of products

    Our company produces frozen and chilled beef meat, stewed meat, as well as sausage products (stewed meat - more than 10 kinds, sausages - more than 50 kinds)

  • High-quality raw materials

    We appreciate our reputation, therefore we personally control the quality of products from the moment of selection and slaughtering of the cattle, to the preparation of the finished products.

  • Great experience in international markets

    Export is one of our key areas. Our products have positively proved themselves in the world markets. We have extensive experience in export operations, we know the nuances of international transactions necessary for effective cooperation with our foreign partners.

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Product quality - at all stages of production

Step 1

Livestock quality control

Step 2

Livestock slaughtering in accordance with sanitary standards and Halal

Step 3


Step 4

Production of meat products

Advantages of our logistics

  • Reliable operators minimize risks
  • Advantageous delivery price
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Our Products

Our products comply with ISO and HACCP international requirements,
and have also proven themselves in more than 10 countries around the world.

Company News

Director’s Interview: Everything Will Be Halal

There are enough free niches on the Halal market that Ukrainian producers could take. Now that the Russian market is closed, a large number of Ukrainian agrarians try to cross over to Europe.

Certificate guarantees nothing Leader Product Plus is one of the leading exporters in this segment. All subdivisions of our company — namely, its four plants (with a capacity of 200~250 tons/month each) in the Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Vinnytsia oblasts and in Ovruch — have a basic Halal certificate.

The “Inattention” Issue Nowadays, there are many Halal certification centres in Ukraine. Choose whichever you like. However, the largest issue is that certification is highly commercialized.

What Consumer Wants Prior to entering foreign markets, Leader Product Plus had been selling products in the domestic market for about six months. We supplied Halal meat to private businesses, stores and markets.

Under the Seller’s Standard The Ukrainian company trades with its Eastern partners under FCA and CIF terms. Products are carried by sea in containers. The cost of shipping one container to Egypt is approximately 4 thousand US dollars; to the UAE, it is 5 thousand US dollars. One container contains approximately 23.5 tons of meat. Packaging: according to the buyer’s requirements. By the way, the seller also has its own standards.

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Lider Product Plus in Figures

66 kinds

product range

197 countries

worldwide export

2 complexes

in-house slaughterhouses

In 2016, our company received an authoritative award from the “Leader of the Branch” National Business Rating as a leader among exporters that have organized the exports through funds other than loan funds.

Lider Product Plus

Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


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