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Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.

The main activity of the company is the domestic production of beef without bones. The way "Lider Product Plus" began in 2014 for breeding cattle. Having gained experience in this business, they decided to develop further. The next step was the sale of chilled meat in the domestic market. There were new goals and the goal to create something special - so the company moved to a new level. The meat-packing plant was purchased and meat processing was started. The assortment has considerably expanded: from this time to vibrobnitsa sausage products, stewed meat and rather rare products - halal. Why there is an opinion that halal is an exclusively Muslim product, which is used through creeds and the ability to eat only the meat of certain animals. But this is not so. After all, first of all, halal is a useful product for people who monitor their health. And in any case does not depend on religion. The very name stands for "allowed" product in the broad sense of this expression. And for this there are certain reasons: cattle are slaughtered according to a special scheme, which in the end leads to a significant improvement in the quality of meat.

In the further development of the company, a slaughterhouse was acquired and a network of outsourcing meat processing plants and slaughterhouses was established and becomes a supplier of not only chilled products, but also frozen and frozen beef. Having taken its link in the domestic market, the company decided to move even further and began exporting its products abroad. At the moment, Lider Product Plus successfully exports to the Middle East - Egypt, Iraq, Azerbaijan with further expansion plans for Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the African continent. Cooperates with various representatives: government organizations, manufacturing companies, retail chains, individuals and agents abroad.

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The company's products are exported under the trademarks TAMLI and TACOLLO. Lider Product Plus is a certified company HALAL. Production facilities have HACCP and ISO certificates.

Lider Product Plus is interested in long-term cooperation with our customers. That's why we offer a partnership approach with unrivaled service and Vidin by professionals.

Lider Product Plus

Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


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