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Taccolo™ is a widely known brand outside Ukraine.

Compliance with the requirements of Islam for the processing of meat products has allowed us to obtain a Halal quality certificate. Products that have a Halal logo are in great demand in the markets of Azerbaijan and among the fans of a healthy lifestyle. That is why the business partners of Lider Product Plus, which owns the Taccolo brand, are always sure of receiving a permanent profit.


Taccolo product types:

  • Raw smoking and drying meat delicacies made for real gourmets;
  • Boiled, smoked, raw sausage products; semi-smoked sausages and natural sausages for all segments of the population;
  • Canned food (tinned meat and cereals) are consumer goods and in high demand among urban residents;
  • Chilled meat for dietary nutrition;
  • Superior and first quality flour is a constant leader of sales;
  • Natural honey is a readily marketable product, which is in great demand.

Advantages of Cooperation with Taccolo

Lider Product Plus is open to mutually beneficial co-operation High quality of our products is guaranteed by international certificates. Right to use the Halal logo, which was obtained after compliance with all the Sharia norms, opens access to the markets of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. Business relations with the best transport companies allow us to observe terms of delivery of the products. Also, modern refrigeration equipment helps preserve the freshness of our products, their taste, and attractive appearance.
Cooperation with Taccolo opens new opportunities for your business!

Lider Product Plus

Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


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