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Tamli is a Lider Product Plus brand

that is popular both in and outside Ukraine. All the products of the brand are manufactured according to the technology that corresponds to the norms of Islam and, therefore, have passed the Halal certification. This allows meat products to reach the stores of the Arab world without hindrance.


Mutually Beneficial Co-Operation

Our partners are companies from the Middle East and Middle Asia countries. Residents of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, and the states of North Africa appreciate the products of the Tamli trademark for its adherence to the norms of the Sharia.

Cooperation with Lider Product Plus and Tamli brand gives the following advantages:

  • High-quality meat products with a Halal certificate is a readily marketable product in Islamic countries;
  • Frozen beef, poultry, and sausages meet international requirements for food safety and quality
  • Large wholesale buyers automatically become participants of our loyalty program, which provides favourable conditions for cooperation;
  • Modern logistics allows us to make timely delivery of products to our partners both in Ukraine and in other countries;/li>
  • Tamli products are stored and transported in modern specialized refrigerators. This is a guarantee of maintaining excellent taste qualities and an attractive appearance of our products.

Types of Tamli Products

Another advantage of business partnership with Lider Product Plus is a wide range of Tamli meat products. Sausage products, dry-cured basturma, balyk, stews, semi-smoked sausages and sausage links are created to satisfy the widest social groups. Your customers will be both consumers who prefer expensive products and numerous buyers of medium-price products.
Reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Tamli brand is the basis of your successful business!

Lider Product Plus

Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


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