Logistics services of Lider Product Plus

Business partners and customers of Lider Product Plus are always sure that the products ordered by them will be delivered on time. They do not have to worry about the quality of meat products because the logistics of the goods is provided by verified contractors.

Modern refrigerating chambers completely correspond to the specificity of transportation of meat products and guarantee its safety on the road.

Favourable price

The delivery costs almost bear no impact on the cost of the supplied products.

Short term

In order to preserve all the taste and quality advantages of products, the delivery is carried out in the shortest possible terms.


Professional freight forwarders on vehicles equipped with appropriate equipment will be brought in at an agreed time.


The well-established logistic system used by our company includes:

1   Planning:

Professional planning of routes and schedules of deliveries;

2   Control:

Careful control of the quantity and the quality of the supplied products;

3   Material optimization:

Fuel consumption optimization

4   Individual schedule:

An individual delivery schedule for each client

Our clients are guaranteed the timely receipt of the product.

Lider Product Plus

Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


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