Terminal D2We have good news for passengers of most airlines of Muslim countries that cooperate with the Boryspil airport. Now they will be able to stay their hunger in-flight with Halal-certified meat products. Lider Product Plus has concluded a Halal meat supply agreement with the kitchen at Boryspil airport. High-quality food made of these products will be supplied to the aircrafts flying between Ukraine and

In search of new flavours, Lider Product Plus constantly strives to expand the range and to improve the taste of its products.

That is why the technology of sausage production is constantly in search of new recipes and improvement of old ones.

Commodity items in low demand are removed from production. Instead, new kinds of sausages appear, which are more tailored to the whimsical tastes of consumers.

tushnTamli is a well-known brand to Ukrainian consumers of high-quality meat products. Also, this trademark is in high demand in the countries where Lider Product Plus exports its products. They mainly include Muslim countries, in which imported food products are subject to special requirements. One of these requirements is the receipt of the mandatory Halal certificate. This certificate confirms that the product is made in compliance with the Sharia law.

Lider Product Plus

Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


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