A greater variety of sausage products

In search of new flavours, Lider Product Plus constantly strives to expand the range and to improve the taste of its products.

That is why the technology of sausage production is constantly in search of new recipes and improvement of old ones.

Commodity items in low demand are removed from production. Instead, new kinds of sausages appear, which are more tailored to the whimsical tastes of consumers.

For example, the Tamli brand created a new series of sausage products:

  • Detskaya cooked sausage is an affordable and safe meat product with a soft and well-defined dairy after-taste;
  • Salami semi-smoked sausage is a perfect snack to put on the table. Sharp notes of spices and a light bonfire fragrance will please connoisseurs of quality meat products;
  • Cheese Salami semi-smoked sausage has a piquant taste of tender but slightly sharp Italian cheese;
  • Halal chicken ham (superior quality) deserves special attention of those who honor Sharia laws. It is not only cooked according to all the rules but also has a tender and slightly sweet taste;
  • Brisollo dry-cured sausage includes only meat and ingredients that help to maximize its taste after drying (salt, natural beef fat, and spices).

How did the market react to the emergence of new products?

The new product range of Lider Product Plus has attracted interest from business partners. Wholesale Ukrainian companies and international commercial organizations engaged in the export of these products immediately agreed to purchase a test batch.

This confidence is due to the fact that the products of the Tamli trademark are known in the market for their high quality. That is why the appearance of new positions is an expected event for a permanent customer. The exporter does not risk anything because such products are always sold well.

In addition, Lider Product Plus trats its obligations with respect and is ready to share the possible risks with its business partners.

Lider Product Plus

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