Tamli tinned meat: new label, new quality!

tushnTamli is a well-known brand to Ukrainian consumers of high-quality meat products. Also, this trademark is in high demand in the countries where Lider Product Plus exports its products. They mainly include Muslim countries, in which imported food products are subject to special requirements. One of these requirements is the receipt of the mandatory Halal certificate. This certificate confirms that the product is made in compliance with the Sharia law.

Why was it necessary to make re-branding ?

In the past, Lider Product Plus produced three types of tinned meat: premium and first grade, as well as of Ukrainian type in jelly. However, the last two categories were not in great demand despite their lower cost. In addition, the desire to meet the highest quality criteria was the reason for refusing to produce cheap types of chunked meat. Separate attention is due to canned prepared cereals with the addition of whole pieces of meat. The Tamli brand produces three types of cereals: pearl barley porridge, buckwheat groats, and rice gruel. Each of these items has its own buyer, which is the reason for their continued production.

What have we received?

The result of the re-branding was the appearance of an updated design. The logo of the company, which is now clearly visible on the black background, began to look much more attractive. Modern design immediately attracts the customers’ attention and highlights high quality of products. The company has started producing chunked meat in cans of different volumes. Consumers now have a choice: they can buy a small portion (325 g) of high-quality meat designed for one or two people or buy a larger can (525 g). Our products are now produced only of the highest quality and are marked with a DSTU (GOST) label. First-quality chunked meat and Ukrainian jelly, which only complied with Ukraine’s technical specifications, are no longer produced..

Lider Product Plus

Lider Product Plus is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


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